32 GB Spy Pen Camera

32 GB Spy Pen Camera

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32 GB Pen Camera is a well-designed and easy to operate intrument. It is of great use as it has a hidden camera, which records both video & audio. It is portable recorder pen that has cam, spy cam, etc. Micro Cam Recorder is small, tiny & light weight, and has recorders with hi resolution & real time recording in AVI video format ,Color video and audio, which lets you to see clearly people at a distance & even can hear what they say. It is ideal for recording interviews, meetings, personal notes, grocery lists and to-do lists.

With the spy pens built in rechargeable battery and massive 32GB memory, so you need not worry about anything else. Charge spy pens battery from a USB port and it is ready for action. The Digital Voice Recorder Pen is an ideal tool for Doctors, Executives, Lawyers, Professors, and Students. This Pen ia a great advancement to your briefcase as now, you don’t need to carry a bunch of files with you. Only keep Pen with you.


  • Instant Live Video Recording
  • Replace Pen Drive/Files
  • Record Real Time Audio/Video Proof
  • High Quality
  • Hidden Spy camera pen, photo, video
  • Voice Recorder
  • Hi Resolution

Product Specification:

  • Works as a USB drive
  • Up to 48 hours of 640 x 480
  • Built-in Flash Memory:
  • 16GB (Approx. 28 hours Recording time)
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Real time recording in AVI video format
  • Weight: 40g
  • Video compression
  • AVI video format, 352 x 288
  • Voice recording
  • Adaptor type : USB adaptor charging cable
  • Battery type : Lithium-ion
  • Internal memory
  • Video file size;500KB per min
  • Available Colors: Silver/Black
  • Playback video on PC
  • Flash 8GB
  • 3.2 MP camera

How to Use?
Just press a small button on the top of this pen to record conversations, classroom lectures and unlimited other questionable activities. Recording mode: you can continue recording until memory is full or it turns manually off.

It includes

  •     Pen DVR
  •     AC Adaptor for Charging
  •     USB Adaptor
  •     Gift Box

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